Welcome Mr. H – The Hilarious Adventures of a Middle School Teacher: First Period

 “Sixth grade is great!…but watch out for Mr. H, he is not a patriot!  And if he makes fun of you, then he likes you.”

This was a note written by a soon-to-be seventh grader to next year’s sixth grade.  That note pretty much sums up my class in a nutshell.  (Except for the patriot part…I have no idea what that is about?)  I am Mr. H and I teach middle school kids, Science and Social Studies to be exact.  I know what you are thinking, “Ew that is the worst age!  The kids are so awkward and have BO!”  And you are right, my kids reek.  Hence the windows opened in the middle of winter.  “Mr. H why are the windows open, its snowing in here?!”  “Because I can’t breathe because you smell.”  But I love what I do and simple adore my students.  The Hilarious Adventures of a Middle School Teacher will bring you some insight into the funness that goes on in my life.  (I said I teach Science and Social Studies, not English)

“Watch out for Mr. H!”  In my class, the rules are never altered for anyone.  I hardly ever get mad, and if you’ve heard my grandpa voice, you know I cannot yell. I am not the kid below, but it is something like this:

If you break the rules though, you will get in trouble.  I always tell my students that it is ok to mess up or do something dumb, as long as you only do it once. Now, story time:

Once when I was a youngster in school, my best friend Mike and I were a little bored during Math class.  We came up with the best idea ever.  Using an eraser and a ruler, we built a makeshift catapult.  When hung over the edge of the desk, you could fire an eraser clear across the room.  Naturally we waited until everyone was quiet before we launched our device.  On the count of three, we yelled, “Hey hey hey, bombs away!”…and fired the erasers.  Needless to say it didn’t go over very well with everyone in the class  (the teacher and the kid who got hit in the face with the eraser were a bit mad).  I learned a valuable lesson that day about teenagers; they don’t mean any harm, but hardly ever think before they act.

“If he makes fun of you, then he likes you.”  I love every student.  Because of that, I tease every student.  Part of my job is to help teenagers feel comfortable with being themselves.  The more I tease the kids, the more they respect me.  Weird but true.  It shows them that we all make mistakes and that nobody is perfect.  Part of growing up, not just for teenagers but all of us, is getting through the awkward moments, hard times, and unpleasant situations.

When I was in 8th grade, a few friends and I went to the movies to see Scream…..Neve Campbell was so hot.  I was so excited because there were boys and girls going!  The whole night leading up to the movie, I was a mess.  Who I am going to sit next to?  What if a girl goes to hold my hand and my hands are sweaty (which they obviously would be)?  What if my hair is messed up, or worse I have food in my teeth?  Part of the reason I get along with my students so well and am able to build a good rapport with them is because I have ran the gauntlet and survived some of the most awkward and humiliating situations.

That movie night ended with me sneezing while not covering my nose, snot flying out and dangling 3 inches below my chin….and I am a better teacher because of that night.  Enjoy this average teenager.

Post by: Mr. H