Trailer Break Down: The Bling Ring

For those of you people who do not frequent TMZ or have better things to do than live vicariously through celebrities, then you may not know who the Burglar Bunch are (  Basically they were a group of over-privileged, under-motivated, spoiled brats in their late teens who decided that they would rob a bunch of celebrities blind, videotape it at times, and then somehow get away with it.  With an overall approval rating of 0% for this group of jerks, it is insanely easy to hate them as we just watch in awe as they think they can do whatever they want without consequence.  AKA let’s make a movie about them!

Enter the extremely talented (and Oscar winning) Sophia Coppola and the babe of the moment, Emma Watson (babe pic)  and you have a movie depicting these yuppies.  The trailer doesn’t really show us much of the story because if you are, you know, a human, you can just go on to any website and find the beginning, middle and end to this movie because it’s based on true events.

However, the trailer is awesome: 54 seconds in length, great song (Crown on the Ground, by Sleigh Bells) and enough to tease us without actually giving away any of the story that most people already know anyways. A negative to this is that the burglar punks who did all of this in real life just wanted to be famous, and this will only solidify that fame. Now, let me come down off my soap box and tell you the moments of the trailer that are grand: Emma Watson slow motion dancing. Gavin Rossdale as an over-the-hill hipster/pawn shop guy. Seeing pillows with Paris Hilton’s face on them gives me the idea that real names will be used which makes it even cooler in my eyes. The  fact that  Taissa Farmiga is in it. (American Horror Story, Season 1). Possibly a lil’ bit of found footage style movie making. Plus, Leslie Mann.

My prediction: Pain

My real prediction for this movie it will be best movie about teenagers that you will love to hate since 2006’s Alpha Dog. Oh, and also Emma Watson slow motion dancing. Ron Weasley is super pissed.

Trailer Grade: A-

Women be shoppin'

Women be shoppin’

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