Breaking Down The Die Hard 5 Trailer

First let me say that the Die Hard movies are what movies are all about; pure entertainment with a little bit of comedy. So after seeing the trailer for the appropriately title A Good Day to Die Hard (I mean what else would you call it?), I decided to break down the trailer for the 5th installment of the Die Hard franchise.  The 5th film takes us on yet again another adrenaline rush, where a youthful Bruce Willis reprises his role of the man with an unlimited blood supply, John McClane.

For the first :17 seconds the teaser starts out like any other action preview would, hovering helicopter, ominous sounds, framing shots to make sure that we understand all the stuff that can be blown to shit somewhere in the second act of the film.  But then something happens around the :18 second mark, we are teased within the teaser of some 1812 Overture’ish remix.   OK, now this may be something different.  Then we see the skyline of a city unrecognizable to us narrow-minded American, Russia.  Doves flying out-of-the-way, check.  Well dressed bad guys in sunglasses, check.  Egg shell white slacks, check. Then, we see him.  The only cop who carries guns as big as Maurice Jones Drew’s thighs, (Sir) John McClane.  At this point in his life he is wearing some Freaks N’ Geeks type unbuttoned flannel shirt.  However, I’ll bet my first born that shirt will not be on for very long.  Over/Under on a blood soaked beater is set for the 25 minute mark.

Now the 1812 Overture kicks in and a hot chick on a motorcycle starts to strip and Bruce Willis let’s out a smirk that says either “I’m back as John McClane” or “I’m past the age of caring about things so I am going to creep this girl out with my 57 year old smile.”  Either way the next, 15 seconds are filled with better action cuts then most films accomplish in its whole duration.  Add in a little one-liner by McClane and I’m sorry Kate, but now you know where we’re going for Valentines Day next year.

Post by: anthonyfanelli


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