I am white, not Caucasian.

We are Planet Earth (say like “We Are Marshall” for more fun).  We are filled with different races.  Yes, we may one day become what South Park (see Goobacks episode) hinted at a while ago…..but until then America, relax. When a black dude tells a story and it involves a white guy, the black guy will 99.9% of the time describe the white guy to his listeners as “white.”  How do I know this?Because I have been there and heard those stories, and I do the same thing when I tell a story involving people that are not white. I refer to black people as black, Asians as Asian and Mexicans as Mexican. Why?  Well, for an amazingly gifted story teller like myself, I do believe saying someone is Asian gives the listener a better image than if I said, guy in T-Shirt.  And what if I described him as having Chinese symbol tattoos without mentioning race?  I mean that could be any dude-bro from Kappa Sig at that point.  But I digress, recently someone (aka a former friend) called me out on this, saying it is wrong (cue Chandler Bing double take).  Sorry Portland area, new-agers, but I just don’t see the racism when I describe an Asian person as being an Asian person.  When did this become wrong?  When did that become racist?  As a white guy, I am pleading with you to please not call me Caucasian.

When I was a student-teacher a while back, I was teaching in a melting pot district of Cleveland, OH that was 65% Black, 15% Mexican, 10% Asian and 10% Caucasian.  This was a “bad school” for many reasons….no money, no help, students without support systems, and every other cliché that was in Dangerous Minds.  Anyways, while teaching one day this young, male black student was telling a story to the class and he kept on and on about this “ Caucasian” guy; each time sounding more awkward than the next. Finally, I stopped him.  “Why do you keep referring to this guy as Caucasian? It sounds weird.” I asked.  The freshman look scared and did not respond; for he thought he was in trouble even though he tried so hard not to be. “Can you please just call him white?” I asked.  “That doesn’t offend you?” the young man answered.  Baffled, I responded by asking “does it offend you, if I called you black?”  The boys eyes lit up as he responded “no way. I am black” OK, great we’re in agreement then.  I am white and you are black. Who cares? Continue the story.

I am the 2012 MLK Jr.

PS The video below has nothing to do with above post, except that it’s by the Ying Yang Twins. Ying yang, black, white, whatever. I just wanted to post this video.

Post by: anthonyfanelli


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