You’re Van Damme Right He’s A Good Actor.

If you know me at all or are wondering aloud about who I am as a person, here is a quick Fanelli Fact: I loooooove Jean Claude Van Damme movies.  Can’t get enough.  The first rated R movie I was allowed to see in theaters was Sudden Death.

I remember my friend Dan Zaratsian and I on the playground in 7th grade being so pumped to go see The Quest ( after school that we forwent our usual recess ritual of extended make out sessions with the hottest chicks who grew boobs first, in order to create some of the fight scenes we hoped would be in the movie we were about to see.

I don’t care that each Van Damme “character” has the same fighting style, or that Brussels McGee has the inability to have an American accent.  I also don’t care that every movie he’s in loves the replay of the same kick from a different angle; so you never really know if JCVD got three awesome spinning back kicks in, or just one. Example) FFW to 7:11 for either 1 or 32 kicks.

Irregardless, I KNOW that Jean-Claude (kinda takes away from his badassery when you just refer to him by his first and a half name) is a much better actor than you may think. Oscar worthy says this guy.

Case in point, the final fight scene in Lionheart.  Now before all of you (I am optimistically guessing that’s about 6 people) say “but Anthony, that’s not fair, Lionheart is such a well rounded film that  I could have acted circles in it too.”   True things: It had an airtight script, phenomenal fight location shoots (racquetball courts, P-Diddy style pool parties where the deep end is actually the shallow end, warehouse fights), sex appeal (onesie workout clothes – ) and subtle racism (homeless black guy).

For those of you who haven’t seen it, here is the quick synopsis: JCVD fights for money to support his sister-in-law and niece (you’re welcome Here Comes The Boom writers for your inspo) .

Anyways, in the final fight scene where our hero strides into the fight of his life against the actual KILLER, Atila; Van Damme opts out of the MMA style giddups you see today and instead goes for the skin tight, pre-under armour T Shirt tucked into some mom jeans that are pulled up a good 2 inches above his belly button.  Fight of his life, underdog extraordinaire, everyone bets against him and he is going to die….. Fight starts and down goes Frasier.  JCVD drops. Atila is winning (like 45 punches and kicks to Van Damme’s like 3).  JCVD, in mid-fight then has a heart to heart with his friend / betrayer / trainer / manager / token black guy, Joshua.  Joshua tells him to stay down, the whole bets on Atila, he’s gonna die, dogs are living with cats, mass hysteria, 10 million bucks, fuck it. etc. When JCVD responds “wrong bet,” two things happen to you:  you either cry (female) or get an extreme erection (male). Then to top it off, JCVD does his patented  ‘grunt/yell/moan’  thing that he and only he could ever pull off. Please fast forward to :55 of the clip below to have a full release.  And then think about if any other actor could scream like that, in that moment, with that much blood, and his pants pulled up so high.  I have NO ONE in mind and I bet you don’t either.  That is all…

Extreme Awesome Fact: The dude that plays “Atila” in Lionheart is real life brothers with the guy that plays “Tong Po” in Kickboxer.

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One thought on “You’re Van Damme Right He’s A Good Actor.

  1. Van Damme is a good actor…maybe not as good as others. I’ve seen every Van Damme movie there is and excited for Universal Soldier 4 next month

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